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                    Bluelight and Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd
                    Bluelight and Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd  

                    Gold Index: 2477

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                    Bluelight BL-FB Diabetes Treatment product 

                    Place of Origin: Hubei, China (Mainland) 
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                    Product Detail

                    Brand Name: Bluelight

                    samll volume
                    easy operation
                    cure ills by Chinese medicine acupuncture series
                    safe for human body

                    massage product
                    1. An individual prescription function and dialectical treatment
                    BLUELIGHT Diabetes Treatment product BL-FB( Bluelight meridian physical therapy instrument) has a prescription function which can set different types of treatment at different patients with different physical conditions. It can grasp the basic nature of disease and treat on it from complex pathological phenomena; it can adopt corresponding measures to strengthen body resistance and eliminate evil according to the changes of their struggle; Medical Apparatus BLUELIGHT BL-FB can regulate yin and yang according to the situation of functional disorders of viscera; and it can treat diseases individually at different people, places and time according to the priorities in treating and different conditions.
                    2. An advanced digital audio pulse and simulated 8 methods
                    BLUELIGHT Diabetes Treatment product BL-FB has an overall over 90% cure rate that has been proved by many authorized hospitals with long-term clinical application and observation. It can simulate 8 traditional treating methods in Chinese medicine: acupuncture, massage, knocking, chirapsia, baguan, qigong, beating and kneading. It can effect on the acupuncture points directly through the current synthesized by microcomputer. It can regulate the disordered biological magnetic field by the electrical stimulation formed according to the twisted Qi in Chinese medicine to strengthen the circulation of Qi and blood and improve the visceral ability of blood and oxygen supply.Medical Apparatus BLUELIGHT BL-FB can also repair the tissue lesions, restore the body vitality, promote the circulation of blood and dredge the channels and collaterals, balance the yin and yang, nourish the muscles and bones, smoothen the joints and contact the internal organs and exterior at the same time.
                    3. A magnetic effect in treating disease
                    Combined with human biological current, the imitated current of human bio-magnetic spectrum and the strong magnetic field generated by helical magnetic heating wire can make an effect of magnet therapy of double-helical magnetic field. It can effect on the channels and collaterals, circulation and immune system so as to improve the systemic blood circulation and oxygen supply of tissue. Bluelight meridian physical therapy instrument can also improve the metabolism of blood lipids, purify the blood, lower the cholesterol, enhance and improve the bodys immune functions, increase the human immunity against diseases.
                    4. An optimization of waveforms and automatic switching
                    There are free radicals in the human body, which can not only help convey the energy that maintains the vitality and kill bacteria and parasites, but also can participate in the elimination of toxin. However, as the free radicals get more than a proper amount, they will bring harm to the body. Excessive free radicals are a major factor in accelerated aging.
                    Bluelight BLFB Quannengtong health device can avoid the shortcoming of a single pulse signal, which optimizes eight output waveforms by automatic switching. It effects on the human body to dredge the whole channels and collaterals and activate the cells.Bluelight hemiplegia treatment stimulates the body to remove free radicals automatically and ensures the normal functioning of body-derived scavenging system of free radicals, so it can reduce the incidence of diseases, maintain youth and delay aging.
                    5.BLUELIGHT Electro Acupuncture BL-FB model hasfar infrared function to expand blood vessels and improve microcirculation. The microcirculation barrier is the source of all diseases. The far-infrared function of Bluelight BLFB Quannengtong can expand blood vessels moderately and disperse the obstacles to improve microcirculation and inhibit the activity of pain factors, so it can reduce their stimulation to the sensory nerve endings and take the analgesic effect. Meanwhile, Bluelight hemiplegia treatmentcan also correct the dysfunction of the nervous system to eliminate insomnia and mental stress and relieve the spasm of smooth muscles. It can achieve the effects of stimulating the circulation of the blood, causing the muscles and joints to relax, curing rheumatism, warming up the body and consolidating the vitality.
                    6. A stepless regulation and control and luminous shuttle indicator
                    Bluelight BLFB Quannengtong health device adopts the stepless regulation and control technology. The comprehensive treatment intensity can be regulated arbitrarily, which is in line with human needs. It is more convenient and secure, and the effect is more accurate. The luminous shuttle indicator is fashionable, stylish and innovative.
                    7. A Green instrument without side effects which integrates treatment, fitness and cosmetology
                    By dredging the channels and collaterals, Bluelight BLFB Quannengtong health device can effect on the corresponding parts to expand the microvessels under epidermis, which accelerates blood flow to promote the metabolism and steatolysis. It can particularly treat on the obese parts to achieve the effects of weight-losing and cosmetology of the skin.

                    Medical Apparatus is a high-tech, physical and healthy therapy. It can purify the blood intern ally and benefit the skin externally without any side effect. A member buys it, the whole family can benefit from it.
                    It applies to diseases such as:
                    DIABETES, Paraplegia,Autonomic nerve Functional Disturbance,Neurasthenia,Stiffnes,Acute Lumbar Strain,
                    Tenosynovitis,Protrusion if Lumbar Intervertebraldisc,Rheumatic Arthritis,Esophagitis,Constipation,Diarrhea,Bronchitis,BronchialAsthma,Hypertension,Hyperlipemia,hyperthyroidism,menopausal syndrome,far-sightedness,presbypoia,lose weight,beauty,etc.
                     Mr. Jason Chen

                    Tel: 86-27-86826688
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                    Company Info

                    Bluelight and Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd [China (Mainland)]

                    Business Type:Manufacturer
                    City: Wuhan
                    Province/State: Hubei
                    Country/Region: China (Mainland)

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