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        Bluelight and Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd
        Bluelight and Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd  

        Gold Index: 2477

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        Wind Turbine Generator 

        Place of Origin: Hubei, China (Mainland) 
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        Product Detail

        Type: Wind Power Generator
        Brand Name: Wellsee

        Slow start speed
        Full wind protection
        Long time for use
        Smart and lightweight
        Full power output

        50.5*33.5*21 cm
          Wind Turbine
          8.6 kg
        WS-WT  400W
          1pc /carton
        1.Use the alien magnet and unique winding structure, low starting wind speed, 2.5 m/s will start, without any auxiliary starter.
        2.Use nylon and carbon fiber composite materials for leaves, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, fight the wind, and reasonable pneumatic appearance, make the machine
        run low noise.
        3.Use of rare earth permanent magnet parts, reducing equipment volume and weight.
        4.Streamline appearance design, some models used the animal imitation type with effect extremely good vision, impressions pleasing.
        5.The power supply output used the winding against device.
        6.Electrical wiring adopt "fool" type assembly, by simply connecting the plugs according to the marks, it can prevent wiring error.
        7.Reduce the working parts as more as it can, improve the mass movement rate fell.
        8.Mould -production, guarantee the product always has high level quality.
        9.Our company researched and developed controller and inverter independently.  Its design based on fan manufacture characteristics, and supporting full operation more stable.s
        10.Extensibility, leave all kinds of access for jack, have extended the range of use.
        11.The machine can run without person, over-voltage, discharge, the flow, winds all have automatic processing protection, various operation instructions understood, but also more extended battery service life.
        12.Attune used the damping and "the wave" design, accurate and smooth.
        13.Tower stem assembly adopt "gravity taper" device, reliable, easy to install.
        14.Shell adopts special casting material, the metal combination with high corrosion resistance and can be used for high corrosion area.
        15.The machine strictly sealed before out of our factory, defending dust, and salt fog, the rain into inside of motor, fan internal and external adopted the thermal unique structure.
        16.Adapts Wellsee wind/solar hybrid controller accurately identify the fan recharging voltage, current, with security, complete multiple fan brake protection mechanism.
        A horizontal axis wind-driven generator, widely used in scattered residents, posts, meteorological offices, road, landscape, area lighting and monitoring, communication station, ships, etc. Its unique advantage
        is very outstanding in the urban road construction, landscape such municipal lighting area. It can not only make use of green energy but also adds a beautiful bright landscape.
        A.Wind/Solar hybrid light system
        B.Industry, agriculture, business, academia, soldiers, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and ect.
        C.Communication base station.
        D.Road monitoring.
        WS-WT  400W
        Rated Power (W)
        Rated voltage (V)
        Wind wheel Diameter (m)
        Start wind speed (m/s)
        Rated wind speed (m/s)
        Safe wind speed (m/s)
        Working wind speed range (m/s)
        Speed regulation method
        Mechanical yaw + electromagnetic brake
        Rated Rotational speed (r/min)
        Fuselage materials
        Aluminum alloy  ABS Engineering plastic
        Tower height (m)-and cable type tower
        Tower height (m)-independent type tower
        Leaf material
        Nylon add carbon fiber composite materials
        Leaf number
        Three-phase permanent synchronous generators
        Suggest battery capacity
        Winds protection
        Unloading + electromagnetic brake
        Environment temperature
        Fan wiring (RVV) specifications (mm2)
        Fan wiring length (m)
        Wind speed above 15 m/s
        start-up electronic speeding brake system
         Mr. Jason Chen

        Tel: 86-27-86826688
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        Company Info

        Bluelight and Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd [China (Mainland)]

        Business Type:Manufacturer
        City: Wuhan
        Province/State: Hubei
        Country/Region: China (Mainland)

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